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Hello Mountain Lions!!!

Last week I began my Monday Minute talking about the lessons I learned as a kid playing baseball. The first lesson was all about practice… We can’t become GREAT at something if we aren’t willing to put in the effort. But sometimes it’s really hard to keep trying, especially when it doesn’t come as easily as we had hoped.

Lesson #2- Keep your eye on the ball!

If you’ve ever watched a little league baseball game, you know exactly where this lesson comes from. You see, there is nothing as exciting as hitting a baseball and getting the chance to run as fast as you can toward first base. That’s why I used to swing at EVERYTHING that came my way! High, low, or anywhere in between… I was going to hit that ball no matter what. There were even times I stepped way outside the box just to try and get a piece of it!

The problem was, no matter how hard I tried to turn a terrible pitch into a home run… I quickly started to realize that the best pitches turned into the best hits. And the best hits tended to get me on base!

Learning is a lot like waiting for just the right pitch. In the beginning, students are quick to answer questions with whatever pops into their heads first. But as our students learn, grow, and mature, they start to take more time to think about things in a deeper way. Math problems become more complex, writing assignments require more thoughtful reflection, and reading becomes more meaningful. The key to all of this, is helping our young students to develop the skills and stamina to wait for the better answers. To take time to think through their work, self reflect, and critically analyze their own efforts.

This morning at Monday Meeting, we talked about our PRIDE value this week, Empowered. Whenever I talk to kids about being empowered, I tell them that Mountain Lions are Empowered to make good choices. But this week, I told our student body that we should also be empowered by always doing our best work.

Take time this week to talk to your children about doing GREAT work instead of just swinging at every ball that comes across the plate. Just imagine the possibilities if we can get our kids to always do their very BEST work.

Thanks for all you do to support our Mountain Lion PRIDE!!!

This week’s PRIDE value is: EMPOWERED

Our Mountain Lion Pledge says, “I am Empowered: I have the ability to accomplish anything I put my mind to and will not make excuses!”

There is nothing better than helping kids realize that they have the power within them to make good choices. This week, I challenge you to make this a theme in your home. Encourage your children to use the power within them to make better choices than they have in the past. Help them reflect on how the choices they make can affect their future. Give them examples from your own life and things that you have learned. I know it will make a difference for you and your families.


We were so excited to recognize Jessica in Mr. Copier/Mrs. Mendez class this morning. Jessica was recognized for her participation in the Jordan School District School Breakfast campaign. She took part in a professional photo shoot, and she is now featured on a poster that promotes the healthy habit of eating a good breakfast each morning. Come into the cafeteria sometime to check out her picture!

Notes and Announcements-

Bring Your Parent to Math Morning- We are super excited to invite all of you to our first ever Bring Your Parent to Math activity on Wednesday, April 29th. We want YOU to experience what our students experience every day, including our morning line up procedure, “Do Now”, and an authentic learning experience in your child’s classroom. Please see the attached flyer for more information.

Parent Math Morning Flyer

Here’s to another GREAT week at Majestic Elementary!!! 

Todd Theobald


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