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Hello Mountain Lions!!!

It’s starting to get pretty chilly outside in the mornings, so I want to take just a minute to talk about our morning procedures when the weather is either too cold, too wet, or too snowy to wait outside. On a typical morning, we have made arrangements for teachers to be out on duty starting at 8:25 until their teachers come out to escort them into the building. In the event that the temperature is below 23 degrees, students can make their way into the Gym through the south doors. At least one teacher will remain on duty at each of the outside areas to make sure students know to come inside, and the other teachers will come inside to supervise in the gym. As we try to make sure that kids have time to get their energy out during recess time, please make sure that your students are dressed appropriately each day for the weather.

I also want to take a minute to highlight one of our super star teachers here at Majestic Elementary… Mrs. Nichols! Did you know that every student in the entire school gets the opportunity to see Mrs. Nichols each week in the computer lab? In addition to regular computer time, Mrs. Nichols works with many of our English Language Learners throughout the school, and also offers additional language arts support to some of our teachers. But that’s not all! She is also responsible for updating our school website, getting information on the marquee, troubleshooting many of the technology issues throughout the building, and if that isn’t enough… she is also a member of our school Leadership Team.

We are so lucky to have Mrs. Nichols at Majestic Elementary, and we are grateful for all she does for each and every one of our Mountain Lions. If you happen to see her around the building, make sure to tell her what a GREAT job she is doing!

Majestic is full of many amazing people doing many amazing things for our many amazing students… and I am thankful for each one of you!

This week’s PRIDE value is: RESPONSIBLE

Our Mountain Lion Pledge says, “I am Responsible: I arrive on time each day, complete all of my assignments, and do what I say I will do.” Today at Monday Meeting, we discussed the importance of being responsible in all areas of our lives. We committed together to be on time and ready to learn each day, to be engaged and complete all of our assigned tasks, and to follow through with the commitments that we make.

I challenge all of you to make those same commitments as a family this week. Being responsible is such an important thing in life, and helps set us up for a successful future. I hope you can recognize the responsible things that your students do, and praise them when they follow through with all of their responsibilities at home!

Notes and Announcements-

Upcoming Schedule Changes-

Thanksgiving Recess:

NO SCHOOL- Wednesday, November 26th – Friday November 28th

***Please note that Tuesday, November 25th is a regular school day. Students will be released at 3:20.

Benchmark Assessments- Many of our students will be taking district benchmark assessments this week in the areas of Language Arts and Math. Please help them to be successful by getting a good night’s sleep, arriving to school on time, and being ready to stay focused. Thanks for your support!

Here’s to another GREAT week at Majestic Elementary!!! 

Todd Theobald







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