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Hello Mountain Lions!!!

Welcome back Mountain Lions!!! We are so excited to start a new year with so many new faces around the school. Some of you may have already noticed that things are different around here! We have been working hard to establish a new culture that helps students remember that at Majestic Elementary “Every minute matters, and LEARNING matters most!”

During the first couple of weeks of school, our Mountain Lions learned our school-wide routines and procedures, and had a chance to practice each one. Some of our Mountain Lions weren’t so thrilled with all of the new rules, but we have reminded them that we are doing things differently this year. We believe that our students are capable of accomplishing anything they put their mind to, and we want to assure that each and every one of our students is working hard each day to be College Ready, and College Bound!

In addition to our new school-wide routines and procedures this year, our students are also learning how to show their Mountain Lion PRIDE! Each week in Monday Meeting, our entire student body is focusing on one of our new PRIDE values. Mountain Lion PRIDE stands for Polite, Responsible, Independent, Disciplined, and Empowered. These are values that we know will help our students become the future leaders that we know they can become. We hope that our students will learn to live these values at school, at home, and in the community. It’s our goal that no matter where they are, people will recognize our Mountain Lions because of the example they set for others. To help you reinforce these values at home, I will be including a paragraph in my Monday Minute each week.

Of course we know that we can’t do this alone… WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!!! Thank you for making sure that your child arrives to school on time every day and is ready to learn. You may have noticed that by the time that first bell rings in the morning, our teachers are leading the kids into the classroom and getting them started on important learning tasks right away. We truly feel that we don’t have a minute to waste, and we are making sure that our school-wide structure reminds everyone that at Majestic Elementary… Learning matters most!

Thank you for all you do to support our school. We look forward to a fantastic year, and can’t wait to share with you all of the GREAT things that are happening at Majestic Elementary!


This week’s PRIDE value is: RESPONSIBLE

Our Mountain Lion Pledge says, “I am Responsible: I arrive on time each day, complete all of my assignments, and do what I say I will do.” Being responsible is a skill that will help our kids be successful throughout their whole lives. This week, see if you can find opportunities to talk about what it means to be responsible at home and in the community. You may even want to share some of the responsibilities that the adults in the family have to make sure that all of the family needs are taken care of. Don’t forget to recognize your children when you see them being responsible… It just might encourage them to keep it up!!! J

Notes and Announcements-

Farm Field Day- The Jordan School District Nutrition Services Department and the Salt Lake County Urban Farming Program are hosting a Farm Field Day during our regular lunch hour this Wednesday, September 10th. Please see the attached flyer for more information!

Back to School Night- Please join us for Back to School Night on Thursday, September 25th from 6:00-7:00pm. We will start with a General Session for all parents in the GYM, followed by two classroom sessions. This is an important opportunity to learn about how you can work together with your child’s teacher to better support your child this year. We can’t wait to see you all there!

Majestic Family Learning Center- We are excited to offer some new classes in our family center this year. Please see the attached information letter, and look for a Family Learning Center Calendar coming home soon!


Here’s to another GREAT week at Majestic Elementary!!! 

Todd Theobald


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