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Hello Mountain Lions!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! This is an exciting time to be a Majestic Mountain Lion. Our New Year’s Resolution is to increase our communication with parents and families, to assure that no one misses out on the GREAT things that are happening here at school. In 2015, our students and teachers are continuing their commitment to “Make Every Minute Matter!” And the best part is… Our hard work is paying off.

As some of you may have heard, our AMAZING teachers and our hard working students have caught the attention of schools all across the state. Last fall, the state awarded a letter grade to each school throughout the state. At that point, Majestic Elementary was the lowest performing school in the Jordan School District and earned the grade of a D. In fact, we scored so low, that it put us just one point away from an F. So what did we do? Throughout all of last year, our teachers and our students worked hard to focus our efforts and commit to helping our students make the progress needed to turn our school around.

And that we did. In just one year, Majestic Elementary brought that D up to a B… Outscoring almost half of the elementary schools in the Jordan School District! I am so incredibly proud of the dedicated and hard working faculty and staff at Majestic Elementary. This is truly something to celebrate, and your children are lucky to have teachers who come to work every day, dedicated to doing what is best for kids. I honestly can’t say enough about our teachers… I hope you appreciate them as much as I do.

This is also a credit to those of you who are dedicated to supporting the hard work that we are doing to help your children prepare to be “College Ready, College Bound.” So many of you are encouraging your children to read each night, complete homework assignments, make good choices throughout the day, and live the PRIDE Values. We are so grateful to have YOU as our partners in the education of your children. Thank you for believing in us, and supporting all that we do.

Click HERE to read more about School Grading in Utah

This week’s PRIDE value is: POLITE

Our Mountain Lion Pledge says, “I am Polite: I do my best each day to respect myself and others.” As luck would have it, our PRIDE Values start over as the new year begins. This is a great time to talk about how you as a family can demonstrate the PRIDE Values everywhere you go. Being polite is the most basic value. We know it when we see it… and we appreciate it when others show us the respect that we know we deserve. My challenge to you this year, is to make the PRIDE Values come alive in your homes. Talk about them constantly, and hold each other to a new, higher standard. If all of our Mountain Lions learned to live these values every single day, there will be nothing stopping them from achieving their dreams!


Knights of the Math Table- Mrs. Ryther brought my crown to Monday Meeting again today to “Knight” four new members of the Math Table. She told all of the students how proud she is of them, and reminded the student body that she raised the bar this year and set the expectations higher than ever. Way to go!

Deal or No Deal- We have had a few very busy weeks, and I felt like I had rushed through our PRIDE Ticket drawings. To make it up to students today, we picked five contestants to play a game show for prizes. Students won the chance to give a shout out on the school marquee, snag a few extra minutes of recess for their whole class, and one student even won the chance to use my Principal’s Chair for the entire day! Congratulations to all of our Mountain Lions who were caught following the rules and show their Mountain Lion PRIDE!

Notes and Announcements-

Air Quality- This is the time of year when the cold, yucky air gets stuck in the valley making it not always possible for all of our students to participate in recess. Please know that we check the Division of Air Quality website each day to make a decision about whether or not to send students outside. If your child has been diagnosed with Asthma, or other serious pulmonary health issues, please be sure to contact the office and let us know.

Here’s to another GREAT week at Majestic Elementary!!! 

Todd Theobald,




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