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Hello Mountain Lions!!!

When the mornings start to get a little bit colder and the colors of the leaves begin to change, it reminds me that it’s that time of year again… FALL BREAK!!! Our students and teachers have been working so hard this year, and everyone deserves to take a nice long break and enjoy the beautiful fall weather. The weather forecast looks pretty good, so I hope all of you will be able to enjoy all of the beautiful things that our state and community have to offer.

It may be a short week, but we are committed to making sure that we make the most out of every single minute here at Majestic Elementary! In fact, many of our teachers are using the next couple of days to finish teaching important concepts before the break, reviewing standards where students need additional support, and reinforcing and re-teaching critical strategies. As you can see, your students are always busy and their attendance at school is CRUCIAL to their success. Please help us assure that your child is “College Ready, College Bound” by supporting their attendance. Mountains Lions are expected to be on time and ready to learn EVERY DAY!!!

We are so grateful to have a community full of supportive parents. I hope you all have a wonderful Fall Break!


This week’s PRIDE value is: RESPONSIBLE

Our Mountain Lion Pledge says, “I am Responsible: I arrive on time each day, complete all of my assignments, and do what I say I will do.” Today at Monday Meeting, we talked about the importance of getting to school on time. I also reminded students about coming to school too early. We have had an issue with students arriving to school before supervision is available, which can create a safety concern for students. Breakfast begins at 8:00 and there are no adults available to supervise before the cafeteria doors open. For those who do not participate in the breakfast program, supervision out on the playground begins 15 minutes before the first bell. Please keep your children safe by not allowing them to arrive at school before appropriate supervision is available.

Notes and Announcements-

Upcoming Schedule Change-

Fall Break:

NO SCHOOL- Thursday, October 16th and Friday, October 17th

Short Day- Wednesday, October 15th

Students will be released at 1:40

Please make arrangements for students to be picked up immediately after school. Thank you!

Save the Date! Our PTA Fall Festival will be held on Thursday, October 23rd from 5:30- 6:30. This should be a very fun event, so mark your calendars now!!!

PTA Reflections Contest- Students are invited to create original works of art in the categories of dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography, and visual arts. Students at every level are invited to enter as many categories as they’d like, based on this year’s theme: “The world would be a better place if…”  For more information, please visit the

National PTA website.

A special thank you to Mrs. Roberts for always getting us excited to participate in Reflections at Monday Meeting!


Here’s to another GREAT week at Majestic Elementary!!! 

Todd Theobald



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