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Majestic Arts Academy is proud to offer the following enrichment programs for our students. Click on a program below to learn more.

Some of the fun things we did this year:

3rd graders to create a Thankful Tree.Mrs. Hertz and Mrs. Diotaiuti helped the 3rd graders create a Thankful Tree.

The school community added leaves to express what they are thankful for.


Each 5th/6th grader made a Food Chain using 7 different art forms. Each step of the chain was represented using a different Mexican Folk Art. Yarn Painting, Woolen Needle Work, Alibrijes, Engraved Tin, and Clay were the student's favorites.5/6 grade create 7 different Mexican Folk Art

 2nd graders created observational drawings of bees 2nd graders created observational drawings of beeswhile learning about the important role pollinators play in every ecosystem.
neon planets the 6th graders created while learning about our solar system
The Black Light display is a tradition at the Spring Art Festival. This year it was filled with neon planets the 6th graders created while learning about our solar system. Kindergarten and 1st graders also contributed with neon creatures that use bioluminescence to communicate.

The Spring Art Festival was a success. Family members were able to make six different math integrated art projects. Seen here is a student using bubbles to print a geometric pattern on paper.





As an Arts Academy school, our sixth grade students used their artistic skills painting scenery on a refurbished school bus with bright, colorful flowers and children.

Inside the our bus you will see new furnishings, including benches facing each other, allowing children to learn the common core subjects through arts and music. The colorful bus portrays how art can be used to learn Communication, Science, Technology, Art and Music skills while having fun and developing talents within the child.

art education Bus 2

art education Bus 1