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Parent and Family Engagement

Normas de Participación de Padres y Familias de la Academia de Arte de la Escuela Majestic 2021-22

Majestic Elementary Parent and Family Engagement Policy 2020-2021

In supporting and strengthening student academic achievement, Majestic Elementary will provide opportunities to increase parent and family engagement.

Parent and family engagement means that parents and families of the school actively and regularly participate in regular and meaningful communication and activities which pertain to student academic learning to:

  • ensure parent play an integral role in assisting in their child’s learning
  • encourage parents to be actively involved in their child’s education at school
  • ensure parents are full partners in their child’s education are included, as appropriate, in decision-making and on advisory committees to assist in the education of their child

Majestic Elementary will engage parents and families in joint development of its school parent involvement plan under section 1118 of the ESEA.  PTA, School Community Council, and parents from the Family Learning Center will participate in development of the Majestic Elementary Parent and Family Engagement Policy.

Majestic Elementary will hold an annual meeting to engage parents and families in joint planning and development of Title 1 plans each school year.

Majestic Elementary will engage parents and families in an annual survey of the success of communication and Title 1 programs implemented during the school year.

Annually, Majestic Elementary will engage parents and families in the review of academic progress of Majestic Elementary and the School Improvement Plan by conducting an annual data review and effective analysis of state and Majestic Elementary students’ progress.

Majestic Elementary will engage parents and families in identifying barriers to parent participation and jointly create a plan to improve parent involvement in activities and decision-making opportunities.

Majestic Elementary will engage parents and families in the development, implementation and review of the Parent-School Compact.  The Parent-School Compact will be reviewed, signed, sent to every home in hard copy, and posted on the school website.

Majestic Elementary will engage parents and families in the review of benefits and programs provided to the school through Title 1 funding.

Activities, conferences, and committee meetings will be scheduled with flexibility to provide increased opportunity for parent and family engagement.

Majestic Elementary will build capacity for parent and family engagement by:

  • providing parents with information in their home language using clear understandable term to explain state standards, assessment requirements, their child’s academic progress and needs. This will be done through quarterly parent-teacher conferences, school newsletters, class notes, district website and information meetings.
  • providing information and support on how to access resources to meet basic needs, training to help parents with parenting and support their child’s academic progress and achievement.
  • providing needed training for parents to learn English, basic life skills, computer skills, and GED through PTA and the Family Learning Center.
  • providing student-parent activities throughout the year to help parents participate in safe activities that bring families together.
  • providing opportunities to positive parent experiences in public education.
  • providing opportunities for parents to serve at Majestic on field trips, school activities, and in the Family Learning Center.