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Land Trust

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Land Trust 2023-2024 TSSA 2023-2024
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Majestic Elementary Arts Academy State Goals for 2023-2024

Majestic will achieve 60% typical or better growth between BOY and MOY Acadience testing. BOY testing occurs in August/September and MOY is conducted in December/January. The 60% typical or better growth will be maintained through EOY testing as well. Additionally, we will achieve a 3% increase in ELA scores on our end of the year RISE testing.

Academic Area

  • English/Language Arts


We are currently a TSI school and are focused on increasing our Language Arts and math scores to ensure our students are making adequate yearly progress. We will use the following indicators to track our students' data and focus on individual child needs: -MOY, BOY, and EOY Acadience data -Progress Monitoring data -RISE results -RISE Practice tests -Benchmark Tests

Action Plan Steps and Expenditures

1. Instructional coach will increase from .5 FTE to 1.0 FTE 

2. Teachers will participate in a weekly coaching cycle 

3. Teachers and coaches will review weekly progress monitoring data and make plans/set goals for individual students

4. Additional reading aides will support reading intervention groups

5. Professional Development for teachers

Majestic ElementaryArts Academy Land Trust funds 

Year Amount
2023-2024 $57,142
2022-2023 $35,606