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2021-2022  Welcome to Majestic Elementary Arts Academy 

Majestic Elementary has now entered an innovative learning path for the 2021-2022 school year.  Music and Visual Arts are integrated into your child’s daily education, along with our current STEAM focus (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math).

Music and Visual Arts will be provided school-wide at no additional cost for all students attending Majestic Elementary Arts Academy.

  • Flex Friday: On Flex Friday attendance is optional, however, learning opportunities will be provided for all students. School hours will be the same as a regular Friday (8:25-12:25). Breakfast and lunch will still be provided.
    • Flex Fridays for 2021-2022
      •  November 19, February 2, April 29


Helpful hints to help care for ChromeBook at School and at home 

Dropping off and picking up: The bus zone is now our student drop-off and pick-up zone.

Please pull forward to the crosswalk, stop the car, and let your child exit the vehicle. After your child is safely on the curb, you may exit the drop-off zone and pull through the outer edge of the parking lot. Please follow the painted arrows.

If you would like to walk your students to the building at the start of the day, please park your car, and safely walk your student to the door. Please watch for other cars as you return to your car.

At the end of the school day, you may pick up your child along the curb, but please stay in your car, do not pull into the drop-off zone until your child is in the car. We need to allow drivers space to pull through the drop-off zone after loading.

Please remind your students that as soon as they enter the school grounds, they need to walk scooters and bikes on the school property. This is a safety concern, and we want to keep all of our students safe.


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