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Weather Information

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For Up to-date Jordan School District information on the weather and Jordan school closures that may come due to inclement Weather issues click the blue box above.


Inside Day

This has been determined by SCC and guidelines from the Utah Division of Air Quality

Decision Range

School will make the best decision based on current weather conditions

Outside Day

Students are encouraged to choose a structured activity and be actively engaged outside
Temperature is 22 degrees or below Temperature is between 23 – 27 degrees. Temperature is 28 degrees or above
Including wind chill factor Including wind chill factor.
Air Quality is in the RED or PURPLE Zone Air Quality is in the Orange Zone Air Quality is in the Green or Yellow Zone
PM2.5 Levels are 55.5 or above PM2.5 Levels are 35.5 – 55.4 PM2.5 Levels are 35.4 or below.
Air is unhealthy or very unhealthy for everyone. Air is unhealthy for sensitive groups Air is in the good to moderate range.
(students with asthma)
Blacktop and playgrounds are covered in heavy ice or snow There are some areas that are covered with ice or snow. Blacktop and playground are free from ice and snow.
Students cannot move about without chance of severe injury.
Heavy rain or snow – students cannot be outside without becoming wet. Occasional snowflakes or misty rain. No precipitation.
Students are able to stay dry.

Emergency Communications & Snow Closure Guidelines

The following guidelines have been adopted by all Jordan District schools.

Emergency Communications Procedures – Severe Weather Closure Days
Schools in Jordan School District will remain open, if at all possible, on all scheduled school days. Even when weather conditions are severe, every effort will be made to keep schools open in the belief that it is in the best interest of the students. The District is concerned about the safety of all students, staff and patrons. We encourage everyone to use caution traveling safely to and from our schools and buildings.

The District recognizes the rights of parents to make decisions that are best for their children. Therefore, the option to keep children home when weather conditions are severe is always at the parents’ discretion and the school respects the decision. Students who are kept home by a parent or guardian will not be penalized for their absence or tardiness. Make-up schoolwork may be necessary, but schools will accommodate students on the timely completion of required assignments or tests.

On occasion, weather may be so extreme the District will close schools or implement a late start or early dismissal. Make sure you click weather


The following information outlines the communication procedures that will be followed if such school closures or delays become necessary.

  • Media Announcements
    Parents and employees should listen to these designated radio or television stations for school closure information between the hours of 6-8 a.m. (If schools dismiss early, the media will air the announcement as soon as possible.)

    • Radio Station
      • KSL-1160AM / 102.7FM
    • TV Stations
      • KSL — Channel 5
      • KUTV — Channel 2
      • KTVX — Channel 4
      • Fox-News — Channel 13
  • Listen for One of These Messages
    One of the following messages will be aired by the media:

    • “Schools Will Be Closed” (day and date)
    • “Schools Will Start Late” (day and date)
    • “Schools Will Dismiss Early” (day and date)
  • Keep Phones Accessible
    Phones will be used for emergencies; therefore, parents are asked not to call the schools or the District.
  • Closures Posted on the Web
    School closure information will be posted by 6 a.m. on Jordan School District’s website at
  • Authorized Statements
    The media will only announce school closures when authorized by the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee after he/she has consulted with the Administrator of Auxiliary Services, the Transportation Director, the National Weather Service, and other state, county and city agencies.
  • Closures for One Day Only
    All announcements are for one day only.
  • Normal Operation
    No announcement means normal operation.
  • Parents Need An Emergency Plan
    Parents are encouraged to establish an emergency plan for their children in the event that schools are closed, start late or are dismissed early. Parents should instruct their children where to go or what to do if a parent is not at home.
  • Bus Stops
    On severe weather days, understand that buses may be running late due to road conditions and/or traffic delays. Please watch for email, phone or text messages regarding delayed bus routes. Parents are asked to wait with and/or meet their students at bus stops when buses are running on delayed or emergency schedules.
  • Make-up Days
    The Utah State Board of Education requires a minimum of 180 instructional days of school. Days lost because of inclement weather will be made up first on the Washington and Lincoln Day Recess (Presidents’ Day) and then during Spring Recess. (As per District Policy D207 Calendar Development)
  • Late Start
    When the District has designated a school day as “Schools Will Start Late,” the expectation is that employees will arrive at their schools/departments at their regular contract time, or as soon as they can arrive safely.

Please contact the principal at your local school for additional information.

Revised Nov. 3, 2020